VW Beetle is on the roads of San Diego



This Lifted VolksWagen Beetle is making a chaos in the middle of the road in San Diego.

It is going wild and runs like tiger and you can check it out right now. What is more than that, what is better route over there to show your skills than to get your wild VW Beetle completely stirred up with urban life? Yes people, this folks are here and they truly know how to do that and it would seem that it is very entertaining and fun as never before. In this way, in this awesome video that seems as though it is something along the lines on the street, you will see lifted VW Beetle impacting through avenues of the center of the city, it is lifted up, making an incredible chaos. This lifted VW Beetle was captured in San Diego. With this thing in the city, San Diego looks simply like play area for it and it is making its prints all over the place along the way. Appreciate this feature and share it with your friends. You definitely can not resist the urge to let out a scream while you are watching this eight hundred horsepower creature through the roads, transforming the city of San Diego into a area to have fun like never before. Try not to stress about this feature however, there were safety measures on each corner of every street, since security never takes an excursion.