Two Wheels Monster Is the Full Package


Yes, we realize that when we first take a look at this bike, this beast chopper may show up like something that is made only for the show, or even just an illusion, but we guarantee it is definitely not!

It is the genuine thing, not only a chopper, which you can ride down the street, but we likewise imagined that this is something so special, we could not wait to see it on the streets. In any case…

To let you know what this is all about, the first thing that made us think when we saw this bike, that it was the Ghostrider, and how great it would be to implement that idea in this story. Be that as it is, its story originated from the biker at Amen Design, who had constructed it and propelled by Franco Sbaroo`s wheels without hubs, and it is so magnificent! This is power in its full glory, and you have a chance to see this beast in action without any limitation. Check out the video and prepare to be blown away!

If we try to compare it with Ghostrider`s chopper, without being offensive to so many Ghostrider`s fans, we believe that this two wheels monster will make even Ghostrider look so bad. We realize that this may sound a tiny bit over the top, but simply hold up until you watch complete feature and see this chopper without edges in action.