Two Dodge Hellcats Are Trolling Corvette Z06 On the Freeway


Yes, title is correct, drivers of two Dodge Hellcats provoked driver of Z06 Corvette on the freeway, and this is the outcome.

There is so much adrenaline in this video and we can’t blame them for that. These two cars are American favourites, there are two muscle cars with so many horsepower they will blow your ears. Location of this race is in Mexico, and one Dodge Hellcat’s driver was filming another one. He probably support this guy until the race was over. This is probably first and last time we see two Dodge Hellcats trolling Z06 Corvette, and we know you are going to like it. At the end of the video, police came and party was over.

Video was uploaded on Driver Mode TV’s Youtube channel almost two months ago and it has more than seven hundred thousand views so far. More than three hundred and fifty people liked this video, will you click like too? This is a video for both Dodge and Chevy fans, we are not sure if those cars are stock or not, but we know this race is awesome. Hellcat has more horsepower than Chevy, but is this enough for a win? People were so excited about this race, and you can assume why.

Check out the video of two Dodge Hellcats trolling Z06 Corvette now, you can watch it alone or with your friends. Both cars are true monsters. Share this video with your friends and ask them do they like this feature. Do you prefer Corvette Z06 over Dodge Hellcat?