Turbo Camaro With 3200 HP!?



What is this? Is this for real? Turbo Camaro with three thousand and two hundred horsepower?

If you don’t believe it, you better check this video right now and see it for yourself. Video was uploaded on 1320’s Youtube channel and it has more than six hundred and ninety thousand views so far. It has almost five thousand likes and only sixty two dislikes. We heard it right, he said that this Camaro is a true monster with three thousand and two hundred horsepower and we believe him. It also has six hundred and twenty two cubic inch with two ninety eight millimeter turbo engines.

Video lasts more than three minutes, so you better click play and watch it right now. In the last race, he beats the cornbread and he is the winner for sure. We hope we will see some official timing after they finished the race, but this is no preparation race. They did not prepare track for this race and this means this monster is very capable to beat other vehicles. Car is unbelievably fast and you can see it in action in this video. What do you have to say? Is this cool or what? Have you ever seen a Camaro with so many horsepower in it? Check out that guy in front of the car while driver is doing a burnout. He wants to commide suicide, we suppose. If you see a burnout in front of you, you better run for your life!