Tug of war goes strange – Semi truck versus Chevy Dually

Tug-of-war –oes-strange – Semi-truck-versus-Chevy-Dually

We have seen numerous tug of war battles until now, and this is completely unseen so far!

This is most impressive one tug of war and it is a battle between a truck and a semi truck battling it out on the street. Here, Semi truck goes against the Chevy Dually and loses the battle. True, if there were a small trailer than this one, a truck could press down on its rear wheels, we are quite sure the Chevy would not stand a chance. This way, though, it beat it completely. It is not so unusual to see a grown man in pickup truck fighting in tug of war to another grown man’s pickup truck. They wanted to prove power of their engine, or brand or tires are better than the other one. This time, pickup truck was hitched up to a massive big rig. We are not going to spoil ending totally, and this is tug of war challenge you did not see so far, but we will say that we would not show it to you if everything went exactly as you had expected. To see who wins and how it all goes down, check out this feature.

We have seen pickup trucks engaged in road fights before. This guy was very brave to try it. Some guys dug up these clips, and we have no idea where this event happened.

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