Trucks Fall Into River


We are not certain what exactly happened here and what precisely is situation on this place, but it definitely would seem like that some person is in the truck.

He or she is going to either be sued or lose their occupation. They incidentally let this truck dive into the water. Oh, no, this is not good at all. At one point, we can see several truck drivers on the bridge, and all trucks fall into river. Trucks go on the other side of the stream.

This is very strange, and video became viral. Look at this amazing video beneath and watch how drivers lost their trucks in several seconds. Trucks hit the water big time. They may have lost some cash too, but we don’t know what are the consequences.

Video was uploaded on Cristi Stoica’s Youtube channel, it has more than five hundred and sixty thousand views so far, and more than three hundred and sixty people clicked like so far. What do you say about this video? Is this bizarre or what?