This trike you have never seen before


This is bagged rat rod and this trike is most coolest thing you have ever seen.

It is very innovative and it is unique and original, we guarantee it. It is called Sno-gasm and this trike is very interesting because you steer it with your left and right foot, this is very unusual and it is powered by Ninja engine by Kawasaki with one hundred and ninety horsepower. Video was uploaded by Tinman 2 Kustoms video channel and it has only twenty three thousand views. We think it deserves more than that, and we decided to share it with all of you. More than eighty people clicked liked button, and only six people clicked dislike button. Trike has almost two hundred horsepower and it is combination of bike and snowmobile.

Name is very cool, because Sno-gasm is combination of two words…Snow and…you know what we are thinking of. Maybe person who built this thing was a pilot, and he remembered that pedal steering is cool thing to do if you want to be good triker. It takes some time to get used to these pedals, and if you learned to fly, you probably know that already. If you really want to buy this thing, go ahead to the gym and make your legs stronger than ever before. It is so cool to see something completely different than competition, and this trike is surely different. It can go pretty fast on the road, at least we think. Video is awesome and and you can tell this guy likes bikes and trikes.