This scary lawn mower will massacre your grass! It is rated at 17.5 HP!


This-scary-lawn-mower-will massacre-your-grass!-It-is-rated-at-17.5 HP!

It is not 17.5k HP, but only 17.5 HP. But, what is that above the hood? This lawn mower has 350 cu. In. small block Chevy engine!

That is the reason why it is so frightening. Can you imagine the huge picture, 290 horsepower are moving those blades under the tractor, the speed will cut trees from its roots and the grass will scream.

Take a look how bad this thing sounds, and when you add a pressure to the gas, the engine screams and shakes the small body of the tractor. We want to put this thing on the drag track to scream it to the maximum. This little monster was filmed at the Super Chevy Show at Virginia Motorsports Park.