This Is Roadkill! General Mayham Powered By Hellcat!


This is true roadkill! General Mayham is powered by Hellcat and it is ready to race with another great vehicle. Roadkill! In the event that there was one car deal in this 2015 year that destroyed nerves over the scene of the Internet, it was this monster frenzy of shouting including Gas Monkey Garage, Roadkill and of course Dodge.

For most part of this year, everyone is focusing on Hellcat engines, the swapped autos, and who might beat who at one eighth mile race that Roadkill had assembled for their inaugural Roadkill Nights episodes. To understate the obvious, it got really ugly. To put it precisely, it lapsed into true revolution.

It was one thing for GMG and the Roadkill to insult one another by means of YouTube recordings, yet the second it hit medias on the web, fight lines were drawn, and inside of just few seconds you had what might as well be called a jail fight.

Include into that, fans were straightforwardly assaulting both sides uncontrollably: GMG got damnation in light of the fact that after they requested and got guidelines for the race, they jumbled every single rule, hurled them in the rubbish, and assembled a 1967 Dart.

Roadkill got damnation from each edge: not staying with the first demand from the fan that began everything, the Dodge sponsorship, and swapping Hellcat into the General Mayhem in the beginning. But, they did not really assemble the auto at all.