This Ford Falcon GT looks very naive, but…


This article will be probably despised from all Lambo fans all across the world, and they have the privilege to do that since what happened to this Lamborghini Gallardo in this feature was really stunning and surprise for all of us.

We all know when you spot a Lamborghini Gallardo, by one means or another you are the ruler on the streets. No doubt that there are not so numerous intense autos out there which can remain in your direction and test the powerful Lamborghini Gallardo, this vehicle has five point two liter V ten motor which conveys five hundred and fifty horsepower and almost four hundred lb-ft of torque. What is more than that? Probably nothing. Every now and then you need to take your ride on the streets and you can challenge and mortify different drivers however not for so long, in light of the fact that this Lamborghini is beaten by Ford Falcon GT. Sounds fantastic, would you say the same thing? Simply investigate this feature and check it out. While the Lamborghini was driving, Ford Falcon GT came in like a fox on the right side.

The Lamborghini driver needed to accept offer from Ford Falcon driver and he swallowed his pride and he squeezed full throttle however something bizarre happened! Better believe in this feature, women and men, Lamborghini has five hundred and fifty horsepower, but those horses were not sufficient to achieve speed against Ford Falcon GT! This is truly amazing and you have a chance to watch it right now. Driver of this Ford looks very naive, but when he hits gas pedal, something amazing happened. Share this video with your friends and don’t forget to leave your comment below if you have something to share with us.

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