The Most Insane Drag Race Compilation Ever!


Have you ever seen a drag race between two tanks? How about a snowmobile on asphalt vs. a Ferrari?
Well to be honest we have not seen anything like this ever before, the craziest drag races have been compiled for your viewing pleasure in one video.
The results? Well let’s just say the results are the opposite of what you would come to expect in many cases, since nobody could believe that a MK1 VW Golf could take on a superbike like a Yamaha YZF R1, and actually win, now can you.

Check out the most amazing video compilation of insane drag races between some incredibly different opponents, the music, well we are not sure that this would be the best choice, since it sounds like something the YouTubers DudePerfect would choose for their material, instead of a soundtrack for the greatest drag race video.