Test for Stinger 609


Have you ever heard about Singer 609? It is an engine made by Conley Precision and they did this test in order to show all of you what this engine can do.

They had very popular 427 motor for sale before, but they no longer produce it, because great number of parts for 427 motor were crushed in a flame.

What is Singer 609?


Singer 609 is the most recent motor made in the Conley line of V eight motors. It is very brandable and its got its name for six point zero nine cubic inches or very nearly to one hundred cc. This is a climax of their experience for around thirty years of all kinds of information they picked up for planning and development of any type of engines. New Stinger 609 has no parts utilized in earlier V-8 motors. Drag is one point zero-zero, with a zero point nine hundred and seventy stroke. Engine weighs eleven point twenty five pounds and it measures roughly forteen inches. It is six inch wide, and eight and a quarter inch tall. Supercharged engine will be ten inch tall. For those of you who need to learn about dry sump oiling, it implies that oil is located in a holding tank, as opposed to a customary oil skillet.

World’s smallest V8 engine


Singer 609 is smallest V8 engine in the world and it is also supercharged. Those small engines are very popular and it is in commercial line of products. Video was uploaded on their official Youtube channel and it has almost six hundred thousand views so far. More than seven hundred people clicked like, and only sixteen people clicked dislike button. Those people are probably competitors.  Engine is four stroke, and it has nine horsepower. It looks exactly like its bigger brother, V8 motor and this is one of the most unbelievable engines in the world.