Ryno is motorcycle with one wheel



It requires a lot of excitement and positive and creative energy to make electric bike on one wheel.

Engineers from “Ryno Motos” succeeded and they have presented this bike which can develop speed of fifteen kilometers per hour. “Ryno” is one wheel bike which has particular sensors which are responsible for riding. It has included strategies for speeding up and braking. Ryno is fueled by lithium batteries and the engine can go for six hours. With this awesome RYNO, you are not restricted to the road at all, as same as the bicycle path. It is a transitional vehicle and it goes most places where a man can walk or where you can ride a bicycle. With an end goal to get individuals out of their vehicles with four wheels and tires, urban areas are inclining to permit individual portability items to blend with healthy activity. See their website for more data about this.  is little, smooth and exceptional, and you can ride it on your neighborhood walkway.

Dream your ride and ride your fantays. What is a Ryno anyway? All things considered, it is not exactly a cruiser and this is definitely not a bicycle, yet in different ways, it is a lot more than both of these things. This is one wheeled vehicle, with electric fueled motor. It’s a machine that has something unique and original and you will love it. It is fit for working areas at paces up to ten miles per every hour and this is better than to go on foot. Ryno is new way of transportation, it is adapted to your needs. This is a gadget that works with individuals, and not remove you from them. The Ryno vehicle will let you blend into society like never before. What do you think about this product? Is this cool or what?

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