Rocking Speeder Bike


The popularity of Star Wars cannot be overlooked by anyone, particularly not by this cute lady! When somebody says he or she wants to have a fun of a lifetime, there are diverse individuals who had distinctive things to achieve this, and this must be on top of the rundown for toddlers and babies.

This guy is true Star Wars fan, he is a father and he constructed a custom rocker of a speeder bike. What do you think about this? Imagine a small Jedi princess that is just twelve months old and she is sitting on her speeder bike in this video. You don’t believe us? Check it out! This is rocking speeder bike for babies and toddlers. She shakes her head forward and backward, and she will definitely love her father for doing this. This awesome creation is a blessing from her beloved father, who had the persistence to make amazing custom rocker that appears as it fells out of Endor. His name is Tez Gelmir and he manufactured this unbelievable Rocking Speeder Bike from PVC, wood and 3D-printed parts. Quality is at the highest point of fabrication, and it should be sufficiently solid for bigger kids. The outline of this rocking bike is a unique idea and it comes from the motion pictures, and if you are Star Wars fan, you are going to love this.

Tips for building it will help people all across the world to manufacture their own rockers, for their kids. If you have 3D printer, you can start today. This is a gift for her birthday and if you think this bike looks familiar, you probably saw it Star Wars: Episode Six – Return of the Jedi. Video was uploaded on Tez Gelmir’s Youtube channel and it lasts two minutes. It has almost eight hundred thousand views and more than two thousand and forty hundred people clicked like button. Share this video with your friends and don’t forget to share your experience with us if you want.