Retro Jet Truck Goes Insane


This is Retro Jet Truck and it has original look and design. It was designed by Dave Modder, a guy who is owner of Modder Racing Enterprises Inc, and he made something little different when we talk about speed and vehicles.

This truck is completely unique and we guarantee you have not seen anything similar before. This is custom Ford pick up truck from 1940 and it is also called Dragon’s Fyre Jet Truck. Video was uploaded on Urban Hillbilly Videos channel and it has only around eight thousand views so far. We think it deserves a lot more, this is a chance to see unique beast while it is going insane. Video was uploaded two months ago and you can watch it right now. Check out how Retro Jet Truck goes insane, we think you are going to love this! More than one hundred and sixty people clicked like button, and only two people clicked dislike button. Pay attention to the people in the stands, they have amazing facial expressions. Also, check out that kid at around 0:30, he moved away and he probably thought it is safer to move than to get killed.