RC Adventures – Check out Rat Rod RC – Monster Grim Reaper – Traxxas 4×4 Summit Snaps Axle

RC-Adventures – Check-out-Rat-Rod-RC

This video is so cool, you would not believe it with your own eyes.

It was uploaded on RC Sparks Studio official Youtube channel and it has more than three million and seven hundred thousand views so far. More than five thousand and five hundred people clicked like button, and only eight hundred people clicked dislike button. Video lasts five minutes, and it was uploaded in 2013, in November to be precise. Traxxas Summit 4×4 is some machine, and you can watch it in action in this feature. It has dual engine and it was made by Kershaw Designs.

This is real monster and uploader of this video want to upgrade its locking system. It has Lock Nuts but this is not enough to hold this monster on the ground. Something went wrong in this video, and axle snapped like a dry tree. There is a lot of power in this vehicle and if you like big vehicles, this is great choice for you. RC is not about heavy work, it is all about fun and entertainment. Guy expected that some part will break, and tires are too big to handle. We don’t know if he fixed it, but we hope he fix axle completely. Check out this amazing video now!

There is also new version of this video if you want to watch it. Uploader wants to do more stunts with his RC cars and we cannot wait to see it.