Police officer drag racing with biker


In some cases, individuals wake up one day and have the splendid thought to drive around a city or to jog in the forest.

Obviously this is not a stunning idea for this bike, when he wanted to do something more exciting, and he was on the road when police office came by on the bike. He did a stupid thing, and this will make you laugh for sure. Have you ever heard that someone drag race a cop on an open street? We neither, but yes, it happened, and this cop chooses to race when such a large number of vehicles are equipped with cameras. Someone catches them on tape, and video was uploaded on YouTube for the entire world to see.

Harley Davidson was steered by the police to race against Honda on the open street. That was definitely what happened in this feature, and you can check it right now. Police officer was going on Eastern Boulevard. In the video he tells a guy that he has turbocharged bike and guy felt that he needs to race him. At the point when the light turns green the cop takes off.

Cop was on a police Harley Davidson and we can say that this bike is awesome. Honda has six hundred cc fluid four-barrel engine with a sixty seven millimeter bore. Video was uploaded on Mr Amazing Videos and it has more than one million and five hundred thousand views so far. More than two thousand people clicked like button, and there are only around seventy people who clicked dislike button. Video was published in 2014, but you can watch it right now below.