Pickup custom made into eighteen wheeler


If you love semi-truck, but it just is not feasible for some reasons like money or space, this alternative is definitely the best option for you. Instead of buying semi-truck this shop offers the possibility of converting a regular pickup truck into semi miniature of your dreams.

You can have this vehicle for as little as $ 1,200 with a maximum price of $ 27,500 for the whole thing from start to finish. When you drive this miniature semi-truck on the road everyone will turn the heads around to see you.

Bob Suffern and her all-female team specialize in creating miniature to customers worldwide – with sales of complete vehicles. Bob, is from Melbourne, Australia, and came up with this idea back in 1999, he has been selling this awesome projects since 2003. Unusually, the business of customizing cars in Nashville, Tennessee, has all the female staff.

Bob, who is based in Nashville, Tennessee, said: “It’s awesome, we love our job and what we do.

“You cannot even go to the service without getting a reaction – there are always people who come to ask questions and find out where did you get this and where they can get one, as well. ”