Oldsmobile 1972 Chevelle Versus 2010 Camaro SS/RS in a Drag Race

Oldsmobile-1972-Chevelle –Versus-2010-Camaro-SSRS-in-a-Drag-Race

When every day comes to an end, everything comes to one question – who is powerful and fast. What is more important than this?

When we have two excellent muscle vehicles engaging one another in a drag race, we realize that there will be blood when race is over. There is undoubtedly probably the most powerful vehicles of both the old and the new age are the muscle vehicles and those vehicles are important part of the American history. We are discussing vehicles like Chevrolet and Mustangs. These vehicles should be known as the top notch American vehicles of all times.

In the feature beneath, you can watch how two Chevrolet vehicles from different era are competing one another in a drag race until the very end. On one side, we have an Oldsmobile 1972 Chevelle that has both class and the style of a genuine grace, and on the other side there is the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS/RS that resembles a creature who will eat everything that will come in front of him.