Nissan GTR Stock Versus Aprilia RSV 4 Stock


Check out another cool video, Nissan GTR Stock Versus Aprilia RSV 4 Stock. This is all about power and speed, but please don’t compare this with Alpha GTR Omega.

Video was uploaded on whyzul’s channel, and it has more than one hundred and ninety thousand views so far, over six hundred likes and more than eighty dislikes. Comments are disabled for this video, so we were not able to find out what internet users think about this race, but you can watch this feature and tell us what you think in comments section below. Share this video with your friends and ask them if they prefer Nissan GTR over Aprilia RSV4 and why.

Video lasts over four minutes, and you can enjoy it right now. We can typically watch videos of this kind which are made between two models from the same class, but here is something different Aprilia RSV4 versus Nissan GT-R. This bike is one of the best bikes for street, and both vehicles in this race are totally stock down to the tires. Watch the feature to check who is the winner and why. Aprilia is a sportbike and it is one of the most minimized bikes in the world. It has great ergonomic design.