Most Expensive RV On the Planet


When you save money for years, you want to buy something special and unique.

This is an ideal opportunity for you to buy something cool and very expensive. What preferable approach you use to make other people jealous? This toy is one of the most expensive on the planet, and you will be amazed how it looks inside. Enter the magical world of EleMMent Palazzo Superior. This huge RV is one of the most costly RV on the planet. It costs three million dollars. Yes, you read it right. That is more than a great many people pay for their homes in whole life! From the top to the end, it has complete expensive surface and this is true innovation.

It also has furniture that looks like something out of a future. It is not very difficult to see and realize why this RV costs so much. Check out its interior completely inside and outside in this gallery, it is sourced from Luxury 4 Play. What do you think about this RV?