Monster Go Kart


Do you know what Monster Go Kart? If you don’t, check out this video.

Video was uploaded in 2009, seven years ago, and it has more than two million and five hundred thousand views so far. More than two thousand people clicked like, and only seventy people clicked dislike button. You probably think that those likes are faked, but we can say that we sure doubt in that statement. Video was uploaded on Boricua Guy 18’s channel and it got many subscriptions lately. This is prototype from JDX Fabrications and you can check it out in action right now. It has nine hundred rr motor and it was taken from Honda. You can contact them if you need more information.

This is unique Monster Go Kart and it looks awesome. Unfortunately, there are no helmet and no safety belts inside, but we hope they fixed this error by now. Some guy called it death kart and he said that he would never drive in this thing. What about you? Are you crazy or brave enough to drive in this Monster Go Kart? Do you like go kart in general? If you do, you can share your experience with us. There are people who love to drive two stroke go kart with five speed transmission, and this is crazy experience.