Miniature Motor W-32


This is miniature Motor W-32 and you can watch this beautiful creation in feature below.

If you like mini engines, you will love this one. Good activity with lots of details is good for your brain, it improves accuracy, and this small scale W32 motor is maybe the most stunning sample of devotion we have ever seen so far. This is hand produced, and also hand designed, and it looks absolutely wonderful. This motor has around eight hundred and fifty pieces, more than six hundred and thirty screws and more than twenty five hundred hours of work by a guy who is evidently an expert. His nickname is Patelo, as his full name is José Manuel Hermo Barreiro. This video is presented by Yesus Wilder on YouTube, and it demonstrates the motor working so easily and perfectly, so correctly that watch can be adjusted on it. We know it can be very nerve wracking to collect constructed motor, and we must salute this guy for his patience.

Without a doubt, there are so many parts in this engine and he was ensuring that everything goes together and it must be organized appropriately. In any case, despite everything he missed, every party, drinking with friends and going out, his work has amazing result. Completely useful scaled down W32 motor. This astonishing venture is the one of the smallest scale motor in the world. Patelo really knows how he is doing. He is a repairman and he does this as a hobby. He spent so many working hours and this was very difficult job indeed. Video was uploaded on Motores Patelo Youtube channel and it has more than two million and five hundred thousand views so far.