Mercedes E Class Coupe Tuned By X Tomi Design


 Have you ever heard of X-Tomi Design & Photo? Well, these guys made a rendering of a modified Mercedes E Class Coupe recently and they decided to share their work with us.

It was unquestionably marvelous aside from just one little thing. Do you want to find out what that feature is? Read the rest of the article. Guy who made this rendering called this work Liberty Walk Mercedes E Coupe. As showed by the name, the motivation for this work of art originated from the perfect works of art made by LB Performance. This specific Mercedes highlights very powerful vehicle contrasted with its execution model from AMG. Its suspension has been brought down and it was fitted with use of different bumper in the front that incorporates a lip spoiler.

Its bumpers have been broadened and furnished with a wheel a little bit wider and in this way, vehicle looks more muscular. Among the detectable changes, there were likewise the skirts on the side of the car that offer a more shape a little bit broader than before, and car looks like it has wings in its base. Additionally, the rooftop has been passed out to offer a totally new look. The greater part of the improvements were gained by using carbon fiber materials to make the vehicle more lighter.

It is assumed that this Mercedes E Class Coupe new back diffuser and these parts look modern and cool. Then again, the rack and load box mounted on the E’s top Class Coupe both seem to be totally out of design. These parts ruined the shape of the auto. Aero design is also messed up because of that box. That is our opinion, what do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Do you have something better to propose? Share this article with your friends and ask them same thing.