Marauder is ten ton military machine


Holy Moly, what’s this? Did you ever seen anything like this before? This thing is called The Marauder, and this is not a vehicle, this is a monster!

Video with name The Marauder – Ten Ton Military Vehicle was uploaded on Top Gear’s official Youtube channel and you know that it is cool because those guys tried to drive it. Video was published five years ago, and it is not unusual that it has more than twenty two million views.

Top Gear is one of the best car shows ever, and these guys really know how to pick a vehicle. More than ten thousand people clicked like button on this video, and less then three thousand people clicked dislike button. This number is also very high, right? But, we don’t know why. Richard went to Africe to test this monster, and he was not afraid of lions, because this military vehicle can withstand lion attack. Some people liked this vehicle, other did not like it. One guy wanted this thing on his wedding, but we don’t know if this is good idea. What do you think, is this vehicle worth to be in GTA or Need for Speed? It sure would look great in it. Guys from Top Gear spend million dollars to test this vehicle which costs around three hundred thousand dollars. Maybe this is a reason for so many dislikes.