Man on 207 MPH Bicycle wins over a Ferrari at the dragstrip!

francois-gissy-races-ferrari-on-rocket-powered-bicycle (2)

This is one brave Frenchman and he has broken his own record for quickest bike. He went on with 207 mph speed on account of some rocket power.

Francois Gissy is his name and he went on his record-beating trip to keep running at a course in Le Castellet. This was filmed at South of France with rate of 4.8 seconds for 250 meters, or around 820 feet. Bicycle is awesome, and it was made by Exotic Thermo Engineering, it was planned by Arnold Neracher. Francois Gissy told that it was fueled by hydrogen peroxide.

Bicycle was so quick it was faster than Ferrari F430 – which can go from zero to sixty two miles per hour in four seconds, and in the dust, you can see rocket smoke. In this feature beneath, he demonstrates power in its full glory. Don’t expect that Francois Gissy will back off for a second at any point in the near future. He already has plans for his next ride. If they can locate right area, then they might want to assemble a tremendous bike, which will be called Spine Crusher. Objective of this brave Frenchman is to go more than four hundred kilometers per hour, in under two seconds.Francois Gissy hit one hundred and seventy seven miles per hour on a rocket-fueled bike fourteen months ago.

He has thumped his own record out with amazing top speed. Francois Gissy’s rocket bike is awesome and and he is called by many people as crazy person. There is truly no other word to describe his attempt to go as fast as a rocket. Francois Gissy is rocketman and he did an insane thing. Bike is pushed forward by a rocket fuel.

This is mixture of downhill riding which is depending on a gravity motor. Bike is outfitted with a bunch of things which can use hydrogen peroxide. Check out this amazing video and have some fun. Don’t forget to share video with your friends and feel free to leave your comment in area below.