Mach IV Mustang – Extreme Machine for Drag Race – Gary Weckessers 4 Engine


Check out this Mach IV Mustang, it is extreme machine for drag race and we can be grateful to Gary Weckessers.

This Ford Mustang has V8 engine and it is very powerful and exciting. So many people in the world want to have a vehicle like this in their garage, but only few has enough luck to really have it.

Gary Weckesser is definitely outstanding driver from United States and he has this astounding auto for special occasion – it is Ford Mustang’s 50th commemoration. This is amazing drag machine, this is 4 Engine Mach IV Mustang. This is a project which took Gary Weckesser a year to wrap up completely. The equation for the Ford Mustang Mach IV were four fuel-infused Windsor V eight engines, and he did this in a routine way, with sending energy to the back and front differentials through just one transmission and single grip. With an expected three thousand horsepower, this monster shot down the quarter mile in only seven seconds, and you have a chance to watch it right this second. Video was uploaded on Scottie DTV Youtube channel and it has more than two hundred and eighty thousand views so far. More than seven hundred people clicked like button, and only eighty people clicked dislike button. Watch Mach IV Mustang – Extreme Machine for Drag RaceGary Weckessers 4 Engine now and have some fun. Also, don’t forget to share this with your friends, and feel free to leave your comment in comments area below.