Lawnmower Drag Races


There is a little green area around your house, decent house too with a barbecue and a lawnmower!

What else might anyone be able to search for? Obviously, this fellows could take their lawnmowers and race them on the track. There is a real lawnmower race going on here. With little motors which most likely delivers around twenty horsepower, and lightweight chassis, and drivers with a heart of steel, these lawnmowers look astonishing on the track.

They are very quick, and there are stretched  wheels at the back. View the feature and enjoy! Video was uploaded on jay19LM’s channel on Youtube and it has more than seven hundred thousand views so far. It has more than four hundred likes and this means that people love to watch this kind of fun.

Someone even wrote that he loves America because of lawnmower races. This is maybe great fun for drivers, but it is also very fun to watch. We don’t know what motors they have and what power those motors produce, but there are some users who would like to know how fast would these lawnmowers go if there is a Hayabusa engine on it. What do you think? Do you have a lawnmower?