Lamborghini Gallardo versus Nissan GTR AMS Alpha 12



Watch this ultimate Lamborghini Gallardo versus Nissan GTR AMS Alpha 12 race and prepare to be amazed!

This is exact definition of cash right here in this video, and if you don’t know what we are talking about, check out the prices of these two vehicles. Are you a Lambo fan, or a Nissan fan? Pick your side and watch this seven minute video to see who will be the winner. Both of these vehicles are true muscle cars wrapped up in the modern body, and check out this video to see which car is faster and better. Many people would love to test both of those cars. Nissan is ultimate powerful car from Japan, but many Lambo fans state the opposite – they say Nissan GTR is not reliable at all, and even Toyota Supra can beat it in a drag race.

What do you think about this race? Share your thoughts in comments area below and click play to watch full feature. Also, share this video with your friends if you like it. There are many haters of Nissan GTR but we don’t understand why. Both cars are cool and awesome, and it is matter of taste which car you prefer. We suggest for all you to stop discussing about it, and to enjoy this feature. Lamborghini is hyper car and it costs much more than Nissan GTR, but price is not a specification for faster car. Positive side of Nissan GTR is that it can be used as a daily car, it is four seats car and it cheaper than Lamborghini Gallardo.