Jorian Ponomareff knows how to drift with bike


Welcome to the page where you can watch lessons if you want to learn how to drift with bike and how to get vehicle control by Jorian Ponomareff. This awesome bike stunt rider has become famous as a guy who can pull off some of the most unimaginable accomplishments with his bike, incorporating drift with with precise movements.

How to drift with your bike?


Jorian Ponomareff has discharged another great feature of his gifts showing exactly how well dude knows how to drift and how to ride a bike, and he also gives a lot of lessons in two wheeled control while drifting on Ken Block series. Entire feature is well shot with good music to coordinate, and we are totally astonishing by Jorian Ponomareff’s expertise. We really wanted to see how he handled this track, and you can watch how this looks like in feature beneath. We would not ruin this adventure for you, yet we should simply say that nobody is ideal and everyone make mistakes. Hit the play to watch this video and have a blast.

Who is Jorian Ponomareff?


Jorian Ponomareff is French bike stunt rider, and he is also a super star who can do crazy things with his bike. He loves life and he does all types of crazy things across the world. He is already a legend and you can check out his skills in this video. Video was uploaded on his official Youtube channel and it has more than thirty five million views so far. More than one hundred and thirty thousand people clicked like button, and more than three thousand people clicked dislike button. Video was uploaded five years ago, and we want to see some new stuff from this guy. What do you think? Check it out now!