Insane Dude Goes Berserk at Lamborghini


If you are having a terrible day, just try to forget it.

Try to kick back in your favorite chair, unwind and relax as much as you can, and envision how awful this insane dude’s day must have been where camera captured it. If you don’t believe this happened, just watch this video and watch a person goes mad at Lamborghini.

If you don’t like when motor is revved for a few times for a camera, a spectator goes totally ballistic. What would your reaction be? We could comprehend this if you are really pissed off, and this dude was very angry. But, is this reasonable?

Video lasts only fifty five seconds, it was uploaded on IP gang 801’s channel and it has more than six hundred and forty thousand views so far. More than one thousand and sixty hundred people clicked like, but there are also one hundred and sixty people clicked dislike button. Share this video with your friends and ask them how would they reacted?