How to make Thunderbike Radical Racer


This is tutorial how to make Thunderbike radical racer. Its version is TB – RR v 2.0 and you can check it out in action right here in this video.

For those bike fan who think that TBR is not extreme enough, there is in Thunderbike program the Production R. This frame is produced by Thunderbike by  their own hands and it is characterized by very strong, curved frame joists. For this project they have adapted some parts of the Unbreakable series, the design of the wheels and fork comes this successful series as well as the engine lid and headlights. Radical Racer originated from this interesting combination, and once again shows what is possible with Thunder bike frames and parts. It is powerful  bike by a one hundred and ten Screamin Eagle engine. TB-RR is fully height adjustable by Air ride and allows sufficient ground clearance and a flawless ride on this bike. New thing in this project is the front spoiler and it also has revised rear fender with inserted LED brake, with indicator in combination. For painting, they used Ingo Kruse which is perfect, who has the bike lent its distinctive look.
Engine is Screamin Eagle 6 speed. Bike has power of approximately 100 horsepower.

Torque is 160Nm. Exhaust is made by Vance & Hines. Fork is Unbreakable – Air Ride, and it has One-Arm 21 TBR-R Concept. Wheels on this Radical Racer are V-wheel Unbreakable 9.0 wheel, and tires are Metzler. Brakes are radial with four piston brake master. Share this amazing video with your friends and don’t forget to click like if you want. Video was uploaded on Thunderbike Youtube channel and it has only five thousand views so far.