How To Install Flame Throwers At Home


If you find yourself in a position that you need flame throwers or if you have a chance to install it at home, if you just want to add some flames and mean look to your ride without any specific reason, yet you did not have the cash to pay for professionals to do it, or you want to learn how to do it yourself, we have the ideal feature for you.

In this feature, you can watch and learn how to install flame throwers onto your vehicle. Chris Carlson will clarify everything in the most straightforward and least demanding method there is. It will spare you some cash and the time that you must spend by reading many manuals. Look at this video and write down some notes if you want! This is ultimate How to install flame thrower tutorial, and Chris Carlson from Hot Rods will help you to learn this method. If you have consider to do this, you have complete tutorial in front of you. But, do this at your own risk. Be very careful and don’t try to do anything on your own.