Hennessey Cadillac Escalade versus Nissan GT-R


In this present reality, there is not a single chance that we can see Cadillac Escalade which could measure up its power with amazing execution of a famous Nissan GT-R, because Nissan is one of the world’s best performing autos and that is a fact.

Fortunately for all of you and all of us, we do not live in this present reality, we live in completely different world. We live in a world made of insane mechanics that really know how to perform marvelous tasks. This time, current task comes in front of us when Cadillac’s SUV that has a name of Hennessey Performance on it got their hands on. With the assistance of Hennessey’s amazing HPE 1000 twin turbo bundle, we have now got in the middle of a race! Look at this impossible fight in the feature beneath as this pair of superbvehicles squares off like a pros in a David versus Goliath battle. The outcome of this race may be a stunner for all of you, however! Video was uploaded on HP E Design official Youtube channel and it has more than two million and eight hundred thousand views so far. More than four thousand and five hundred people clicked like button, but it is interesting that more than three thousand and five hundred people clicked dislike button. What do you have to say about this race? Is this cool or what? Share this battle with your friends and don’t forget to leave your comment below. GT-R launch is very poor, but who knows, maybe finish of the race will be better.

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