Custom Kawasaki ZX-14 from 2013 Build By Garwood Custom Cycles


This bike reminds us at Hulk, it is a beast and it is a custom Kawasaki ZX-14 R from 2013  manufactured by Garwood Custom Cycles.

It highlights C and S Custom 360, wide tire with single side pack, with awesome front and back air ride framework, and ultra splendid green light unit with fog lights, custom seat and double nitrogenous framework. Look at it at tell us what do you think about it!

Its name is War Admiral, and by judging its look, we totally understand why it is called this way. Video was uploaded on Garwood Custom Cycles’ channel and it has only one hundred and ten thousand views, we think it deserves more than that. We don’t know if this bike is for sale today, but you can check their website and see what they have to offer. If you want exactly the same model as this one, you can give them a call.

They have plasma halos and light kit in sale too, if you want to buy only accessories and parts. Bike looks very cool, but we need more videos to see it in action for better results. Garwood Custom Cycles is a company established in 1995, and they know how to build a bike for sure. You can find so many interesting information about bikes and how to build a bike on their website. You can see latest bikes for sale, their custom work, custom seats and helmets, and many more. If you are true bike fan, you will love this video.