Fix scratches on your car with WD 40 !!!

Fix- scratches-on-your-car-with-WD-40

How to fix scratches on your car?

This question is very often and we have right solution for all of you. No matter how you are, there is huge possibility that your car will be scratched every once in a while. Rocks jumping all over, small pieces of wood or glass, there are so many things on the road and you cannot avoid it. This video was uploaded on Crazy Russian Hacker’s official Youtube channel and it has more than eleven million views so far. Yes, you read it correctly – eleven million. More than twenty five thousand people clicked like button, and there are more than three thousand and five hundred people who clicked dislike button.

This guy fixed scratches on his car with WD 40. Video was published on Jun, 2014 and it is very popular. Video lasts five minutes and it is more than enough to learn something new, to learn how to fix scratches on your vehicle. Have you ever tried to fix scratches? Some people used G7 or G10. We did not try this, but, if you know how to properly use it, why not, give it a try. It will get out completely or partially micro marks and you can use some product for shining afterwards if you want your car to restore old look.

There is something about paint job too, because if car has excellent paint, it will not get scratched that easily. If you want to make sure car will not get scratched, don’t drive it at all. WD 40 is excellent product, but some people have concerns that rain or snow will wash away this repair. One guy noticed that guy from the video did all wrong, and he suggest not to try this at home. WD 40 is based on oil, and it will repel water very easily. If you want, try this method, or you can also share it with your friends and family, who knows, maybe they want to try it too. Check out this amazing video now.