First 32 inch wheel street glide bagger Harley Davidson


You are looking at world’s first 32 inch wheel street glide bagger Harley Davidson and you will not believe how cool this bike is!

This bike is custom bike, of course, and it is 2012 street glide bike with 5 wheels which are thirty two inch wide. You cannot see anything like this anywhere in the world, it has awesome body kit, brake is on the front, and it has diamond cut heads. You can even control its radio with your smart phone if you want. How cool is that? Check out this video of first thirty two inch wheel custom bike street glide bagger in the world and share it with your friends.

You can give this guys a call if you want to buy it. Some guy wanted to know what will happen if puncture shows up on the real wheel. You have to strip back part of the bike to change tire. This is a bit difficult, but what can we do. If you want to have cool bike, you have to take some risks. This is very nice bike, but some people are not sure if this is first in the world, because they said they saw something similar in Hatred store, but manufacturer stated that this bike was made six months before other models.

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