Drift Trike Mafia In Action On the Road


Grown-up trikes are getting more and more popular and in this feature we meet the trike mafia and we can see it action as they tackle the streets in their trikes.

These trick riders know how to do a drift on the open street and we cannot deny that it would seems very dangerous. This game is without a doubt an adrenaline boosting game that requires some level of craziness and a great deal of fun.

Name of this video is Drift Trike Mafia nad it was uploaded on Publicity stunt productions’ Youtube channel. It has more than eight million views so far and it lasts six minutes. We guarantee you will like this video so much, because more than twenty thousand viewers clicked like, but there are also almost two thousand dislikes. We don’t know why, this is probably from competition.This is great feature, but we can recommend to these guys to be very careful when they do this, and to always stay on their side on the street. Doble yellow lines mean you should be extra careful, accidents happen very often in this part of the road. If you think this is too dangerous, you better use something else to have some fun, and leave this activity to professionals.

There are lot of drivers who almost hit them while they drift, and they had more luck than brains because of this.