Check out this amazing three wheeler motorcycle


Lou Costabile is a guy from My Car Story. He will highlight another fascinating story about vehicle which resembles an old car but it is really totally fresh and new.

It is called Morgan 3 Wheeler and it is made by Morgan Motor Company. This three Wheeler was at first planned by Harley Davidson with name Screaming Eagle, it had V twin motor, but this model has S and S Engine and a five speed manual transmission from Mazda. It is very fast and it goes from zero to sixty miles ph or ninety seven kilometers per hour was evaluated by Morgan itself and time is four point five seconds, with top rate of one hundred and fiftteen miles for every hour, or one hundred and eight five kilometers per hour. Wthis this cool vehicle below. The accomplishment of the Morgan Motor Company was established on this vehicle.

This splendid vehicle is a standout among the best lightweight autos. It has effective bike motor and very fast transmission, it has skeleton and body known as Cyclecar. In this way, style is presented with flexibility and powerful performance. Morgan was at the front line of this development and this is best designed, one of the most solid, and the best vehicles in its class. Video was uploaded on Lou’s Youtube channel and it has only three hundred and thirty views so far.

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