Charger Animation Made By Fan



Well, what can you say about this awesome animation? This is Charger animation made my some fan of Dodge vehicles, and we all can’t wait for this to become reality.

Dodge Charger is stronger than ever, but fans want more and more, we want more power and we can’t get enough of it. This fan had great idea and he decided to make animation of his favorite car on the market. We can all salute to this guy and say – this work is amazing!

Check out this work of art, this is very stylish and luxurious, it is even better than most professionals can design. He took styling design from an older vehicles and he combines it with modern design. It is amazing in every single way. Just look at those lines, you will be mind blown.

Video was uploaded Jonathan Mason’s Youtube channel, it has more than eighty thousand views so far and more than two hundred and fifty people liked this video. It lasts five minutes and there is a small story before image gallery and video. He does not hate modern version of Dodge Charger, but he loves this old school model better.

He had some fun and he made his own version with modern edges and he wants to find out what other people has to say about it. Share this video with your friends and write down in comments section below what do you think about this version of Dodge Charger.