Can you catch Kirby?


If you could catch a Kirby, this is great video for you.

This is world’s speediest vehicle when it comes to motorsport and it is back in the skies again! What is more than that, pilot wanted to get ready for new forthcoming spectacular Red Bull Air Race which was held in Dallas, in the middle of Fort Worth, United States, pilot Kirby Chambliss tests his air plane all through the urban area with the assistance of the police. They tried to get Kirby at Texas Motor Speedway. For more data about this Red Bull Air Race visit their official website. Red Bull Air Race is world’s famous championship and it highlights the world’s best and trickiest pilots in a motorsports rivalry, and you can watch how they fly, to test their accuracy and expertise.

Utilizing the quickest and most lightweight planes, Red Bull Air Race pilots open up and explore a low level flying race track. Track is made up of air filled arches, and they must fly with two hundred miles per hour speed while withstanding strengths of ten grams only. Pilot’s goal is to finish the course as fast as they can, exploring the sixty five feet high uniquely arches known as Air Gates. Pilots must go between the gates in the right position and they must not crash.