C7 Corvette Hits A Tree


Snappy tip from a pro before you shoot feature of your cool vehicle. Make beyond any doubt that you really know how to really drive it without crashing it.

This C7 Corvette driver figured out how making things as difficult as possible is very often, and that his auto was possibly outside of his capacity to drive and control it. Yet, that does not stop genuine catastrophe to happen and it is recorded on a phone. Another strange issue with this feature is that it was shot vertically. Fellows, it is year 2015. Turn your telephone in right direction. This is the minute when proprietor of a shiny new C7 Corvette slipped off right into a tree. It had been shot in North America, and this feature was posted on YouTube recently. It demonstrates the driver in flawless C7 Corvette Z06 car. A voice can be heard and it said to the driver to go on the street, but wheel twist and leaves a little cloud of tire smoke. Car has amazing six hundred and fifty horsepower, and it quickens right into a tree.

With the capacity to go from 0 to sixty miles per hour in just three seconds, the auto keeps on moving ahead as the driver changes into second gear. The brake lights can be seen going ahead as the driver tries to fix his mistake. Tree is damaged too, but damage on this car is way more expensive.