Ariel Atom versus Polaris snowmobile



Ariel Atom is great vehicle and it is totally a street legit auto and it is made by Ariel Motor Company.

This company is situated in Crewkerne, Somerset, England and it is under permit in North America by TMI Autotech, Inc.. TMI is based n Alton, Virginia. There have been seven models of Ariel Atom vehicle to date. First was Ariel Atom, second was Ariel Atom 2, third one is Ariel Atom 3 with Mugen Limited Edition and Honda Racing Edition, there are also Ariel Atom three point five and three S, Ariel Spec:Race Atom is sixth model and Ariel Atom 500 with V8 engine is last one. Present models are Ariel Atom 3 and Ariel Atom five hundred with V8 engine and five hundred horsepower. Ariel Atom highlights great exoskeleton, with no rooftop or windows, and it looks amazing. It started as an understudy case by Coventry University. It was a part of transport plan and it was called lightweight sports car.

Simon Saunders was a supervisor and senior speaker of company. Atom was first indicated openly at the British International Motor Show. Vehicle has suspension setup and it was tuned by Lotus company. Suspension is completely customizable, it has pushrod worked dampers add to the Atom’s dynamic taking care of. Flexible suspension is great for street going ride. The front and back dampers are customizable too. Atom won Autocar’s from zero to one hundred mph challenge as the new Ariel Atom two three hundred bhp supercharged version accomplished a period of six point eight seconds.