Amazing Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra Spits Nitrous


Look at this Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra while it spits nitrous oxide from its exhaust system, driver is doing some amazing racing on a highway, he also knows to do massive burnout and you must be warned that vehicle has amazing sound from its engine. For more cool features, visit this Youtube channel.

Is Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra really that cool?


Shelby Cobra by Ford Mustang is one of the coolest cars in the world. If you haven’t watch it in action, this is great place to start. On the other hand, before you play and watch this astonishing feature, we will propose you to turn down the volume of your headphone if you have it! We do not want any incidents with your ears right now. If there is a chance that you are completely prepared, simply press play and listen how this nitrous engine roars and it sounds really amazing.

That is some shocking revving and we must admit that we did not hear anything like this before! Next to this engine, you can hear this vehicle in an entirely unexpected on the road. Driver stopped in the carport and sitting out of gear. Like a murmur from a cat. But this sound is more lovely for the majority of us who loves Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra. Crucial minute of this feature is, as per us, the point at which this car`s motor is sitting out of gear and it spits nitrous oxide. That is an astounding scene to see. This is definitely amazing and you will fall in love with this vehicle. Video does not last long, but it does not have to last long for all of us to be amazed. Have you seen anything like this before?