A 1932 Ford sedan 2500HP Twice Blown


Over the years ’32 Ford Sedan Delivery hot rods have become a cliche. Rather than being built for performance it seems most became queens of the trailer or travel fair.

His appearance is bad and aggressive with its sleek black body Gibbon, long wheelbase, wheels drag, parachutes and two massive supercharged 572ci Keith Black Hemis.

These days many 32 Ford Sedan Delivery to follow a simple formula: Photo of exterior, leather interior, custom mag wheels and small block Chevy mated the TH350. As you can imagine this can become tedious after a while, but 32 Sedan Delivery break this cliché: Delivery twice blowing.


Ross 9.2: 1 pistons and Eagle crankshaft and connecting rods are internal, they start an ignition MSD and two massive roots blowers provide energy. “Double Split” pro street 1932 Ford Sedan Delivery. This is a walk through illness, but street legal. Blown hemi everyone has their own starter, fuel system, alternator and produce 1,250HP. The engines can be tuned one by one with laptops and then gathered again together. As 2,500HP results available to the fiberglass body Gibbon.

The car is for sale with a hefty price tag of $ 209.900. Think twice hit it’s worth $ 200k or is all show and no go?

Honestly, anything is incredibly well built, but clean ridiculous ways that definitely appreciated. From one point of view all the functionality seems to work to be able to drive this car on the road and cruise shows and work in your local area. From the perspective of ease of use, this car will drink fuel that flow from a fire hose, probably driving like a tractor, and is able to effectively apply the power to make these engines to the ground. Burnouts three times the legal speed limit? Probably. Hero drag strip or where appropriate real acceleration? Probably not.