55 Chevrolet Street Truck


Masterpiece 1955 Chevy Street Truck

Scottie is famous guy who has Youtube channel Scottie DTV. YouTuber, He appears to have such a great time and we think of the absolute most stunning rides when we write about him. This time we can take a look at a 55 Chevy pickup truck that is completely stunning and shocking. This pickup truck that the proprietor had procured for nothing from his own child, changed in a sort of something that pretty much anyone in the world would be glad to call it and to say – this is mine. With a tiny bit of customized work and so many small things adjusted, this apparatus meets up to inspire every person out there and to make heads turn all over the place. Look at this ride from start to finish in the feature beneath and let us know what you think about it. This pickup truck is a decent piece of vehicle, and if you don’t believe us, check it out yourself.

Video was published in 2015, in August, and it has more than seventy thousand views so far. More than four hundred people clicked like button, and only nine people hit dislike button. Interior of this vehicle is also customized, and it is very cool and interesting. There is also a whiskey barrel somewhere in this feature, can you spot it? In Brazil, people call this truck Marta Rocha. If you ever go there, you should know that. Some people think it would look nicer if it has four wheels, but tastes are different.