Top Ten Classic Cars – We Want Them Back


American’s really adore vehicles. Vast majority of people everywhere throughout the world adore cars too. Americans began with huge force and huge motors.

Racing cars, stock cars, muscle cars, they got it all. Those cars thumps in our souls and pumps through Americans’ veins. That is the reason the general population GM, Dodge and Ford need to recover their models from the past.

They require a recovery, a car restoration to be correct. Thundering motors needs redesign and new look. This is the rundown of top ten classic cars which we want redesigned.

Pontiac GTO


Between 1964 to 1974 Pontiac has everything at the right place. GTO was the amusement’s name. The GTO was succeeded by the Pontiac G8 which was also an incredible vehicle. But, will we see new model soon?

Toyota 2000 GT

9 tojota

Toyota 2000 GT was uncovered at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1965. Vehicle was sufficiently cool and it was a part of James Bond motion picture. Toyota needs another model soon to reach to new customers.

Chevrolet El Cammino

8 sevrolet

El Cammino was Chevy’s answer to Ford. Cammino was very fast car with bed behind the seats. But, there are rumors about new El Cammino model. Is this true or not? We just have to wait and see.