400,000 Dollar Lamborghini Catches Fire at Stoplight


Driver of this 400,000 dollar Lamborghini over revved its engine and this is the result.

When you want to drive supercar which cost is around four hundred thousand dollars, you have to be more careful than this. There is a saying most of us use very often, and that saying states that money cannot buy brains. This is so true and we can say – rest in peace Lambo, it’s such a shame you didn’t have better and wiser owner and driver. This is a reminder for all of you, if you have money to buy supercars, at least be more careful than this guy.

His Lamborghini paid the price and what can he do about it? Nothing, he can probably buy another one. This accident happened in Dubai, and it is not so rare to see something like this on the road. Why this happened? He over revved Lambo’s engine and this started a fire. Do you feel bad for this guy? We don’t. He must pay more attention on his car than to make a selfie or whatever he wanted to do in the first place. During a drive at stoplight, a Lamborghini worth $400,000 went up on fire in Dubai and we are presenting this video to all of you.

The flame started in just a few seconds, and Lamborghini suddenly combusted. We don’t know who is the man behind its wheel, but firefighters were not able to spare the supercar.