Incredible Photos – More than eight thousand photos released


This is incredible – more than eight thousand photos was released from The Project Apollo archive and don’t you dare to miss this!

We are presenting you the article that will change the history of mankind. Link below leads to amazing archived photos of Apollo mission and this is unbelievable private photo archive available for you to see. Someone puts an effort to collect and share more than eight thousand photos which were taken during this life-changing mission. Apollo program started in 1961 and it ended in 1975. Through this program, many accessories are tested with one goal – to visit Moon before everyone else. You now have a chance to see this unforgettable photographs about the mission itself and about people who were part of this mission. Apollo was the third space flight program that United States attempted and accomplished. Beginning with the Mercury system, progressing to constellation named Gemini, and after that at last completing a full circle with Apollo, whole story was not generally smooth.

There are so many legends and myths about this project, but it ended with landing on a Moon which the world had never seen before. All things considered, US were fighting the Russians to get to the moon first. And they made it. When you see this pictures that range from amazingly clear photography of the Earth and Moon, you will feel very proud. Apollo was most successful space program that US concluded. This is some really astonishing stuff and we hope you are going to like it.

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Where were you when these heroes landed on the Moon?