2016 Bombshell Calendar with Girls – Too Hot 2 Handle


What is the result of combining wonderful Australian swimsuit models with hot rods and muscle cars?

If you have some heart condition, don’t watch any further. This is stunning 2016 calendar and you can check it in this video. The Bombshell Girls are a gathering of ladies from Sydney in Australia that function as performers, hostesses and models. This calendar highlights numerous notable classic cars like a Ford Tudor, Dodge Charger and even Monaro GTS. There is even a couple of rat rods and hot rods in it too.

Every auto has been impeccable combined with no less than one of the Bombshell Girls posturing in swim suits that will surely get your heart pumping. Our top choice is Chevrolet Bel Air with Miss River. But, maybe you will have some other favorites to pick. In case you like to see young ladies in underwear and swim suits while they do photo shoot, in with a world’s most finest vehicles, then this is excellent calendar for you. We know each auto shop in Australia will have no less than one of these calendars where you can purchase it. It keeps running from January to December of 2016 and it would be great gift for New Year. They can also be found on the Bombshell Girls’ site.

The video underneath has some parts of the photograph shoot. Pick your most loved young lady and vehicle and purchase one calender or two, don’t wait any longer!